SAB Nova 3300 FTA

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SAB Nova 3300 FTA

  • Demodulator Mode: QPSK,8PSK,16APSK
  • Frequency Range: 950~2150MHz
  • RF Input Connector: F-Female


SAB Nova 3300 FTA

Full HD (1080P) Satellite receiver, Multisearch, Blindscan, USB PVR, USB Wifi, TimeShift, Dolby+ Support, YouTube, Media Player, WebTV. DC 12 Volt input for camping use.



Demodulator Mode QPSK,8PSK,16APSK
Frequency Range 950~2150MHz
RF Input Connector F-Female


Video Decoding ISO/IEC 11172-2 MPEG1,ISO/IEC 13818-2 MPEG2 MP@HL,
ISO/IEC 14496 MPEG4 compliant Support SP@L3 to ASP@L5,
ISO/IEC 14496-10 AVC high profile@level 4.1 main profile@level 4.1
Video Output CVBS(video format @ 576i or 480i)
HDMI 1.3(video format default @ Auto), support HDCP
Video Resolution 1080p/i 720p/i 576p/i 480p/i
Aspect Ratio 4:3 16:9


Audio Decoding MPEGI layer1/2, MPEGII Layer II,
Audio mode Mono/Stereo/Left/Right
Subtitle DVB Subtitle and Teletext Subtitle
Teletext EBU Teletext

Front Panel RS232

AV out Used to connect any external any external video and audio.
USB port USB 2.0 Port for Multimedia Player, and Software Upgrade/Backup

Rear Panel

Input Receives the Signal from Satellite Antenna
AV out Used to connect any external any external video and audio.
HDMI Connector High-Definition Multimedia Interface V1.3


RCU IR RC3 / Other on Request (38kHz)NEC
Batteries 2 x AAA Type
User Manual English, Dutch, German
AV Cable 1
IR Extender Cable 1


DC Input Range 12V 1.5A
Power Consumption Max.20W

Physical Specification

Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature -10℃-65℃


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